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Great Inspection!

As a first-time home buyer, I had heard it all about home inspectors. Some that were great, some that were terrible, some that were not thorough, some that missed things, etc. I was a little weary going into the process. I had to book my inspection on a Saturday for the following Tuesday.

Steve was the only one that answered his phone that Saturday, so huge points for that, and scheduled it when I needed it. He sounded very confident on the phone and seemed very professional. The professionalism continued that Tuesday. He came 20 minutes early and got right into it.

I followed him around for the almost 3 hours that he was there asking questions constantly. He had an answer for all of them and it was a great learning lesson for me in construction, houses, etc. He was always explaining what to do to repair issues or ways to improve certain things. Best part was, he helped us get a few bucks for the things that needed repairs.

I really got the sense that he enjoyed what he did and really was looking out for my best interests as a new homeowner. I would recommend him 100% to anyone.

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